Odie's Oil Wood Finish

Odie’s Oil Wood Fnish

Let us introduce you to ….

Odie’s Oil.

The most versatile, safe and easy-to-use finish currently on the market. This finish is natural, non toxic and food safe.

Over the years we have used various wood finishes such as Polyurethane, Rubio Monocoat, ciranova, Osmo etc.. Nothing beats Odie’s Oil! From novice to seasoned woodworkers, this finish is a must-have!

– Stir well before each use.
– Use only a small amount, a little goes a long way.
– For larger applications, we recommend using a buffer with a cotton applicator, the heat from the buffer helps to melt the oil onto the piece of wood.
– For smaller applications, use a small piece of scotch-brite pad and work the finish into the wood.
– Leave the finish on for 40 to 60 mins (up to 24 hours) and wipe off the excess with a clean towel.

This easy-to-use finish leaves an even sheen and only requires one coat. Odie’s Oil absorbs evenly on all various wood species, whether your wood has curl, epoxy, or endgrain knots; your live edge project will turn out a success!

You can purchase Odie’s Oil at our location. We also ship! Try it once, you won’t regret it!

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