About Our Lumber Mill

The Old Schoolhouse Mill is a small family owned business that specializes in providing our clients with unique live edge wood slabs, reclaimed lumber and custom milling services. Our primary focus has always been, and always will be, to offer high quality lumber with exceptional service at an affordable price.

The mill was established in 2012 as a direct result of the poor lumber selection and extremely high prices that are characteristic of the numerous ‘boutique’ style live edge wood and lumber retailers in the Toronto area. At the Old Schoolhouse Mill there are no middlemen, we procure timber, transport, mill, dry and store all our own lumber. By maintaining extremely low overhead and eliminating multiple middlemen we are able to offer our product at a much more affordable price than our competitors. Please contact us before overpaying in downtown Toronto; pay for lumber quality….not the location.

Toronto Sawmill

The Sawmill

Our sawmill is a Wood-Mizer LT 15 wide that can saw up to 36 inch diameter logs which can be up to 17 feet long.  The LT 15 wide comes standard with a very powerful 25HP engine which creates very smooth cuts; making dressing slabs and lumber a breeze. All of our natural edge wood slabs are milled on the LT 15 wide ensuring all stock is of the utmost quality.  The LT 15 wide cuts up to 375 BF per hour allowing for a very fast turnaround of custom wood milling orders.

Solar Wood Kiln

The Kiln

After the logs are milled the lumber needs to be dried so that it does not warp, cup or crack.  At the Old Schoolhouse Mill we dry our live edge wood lumber in a Solar Kiln.  Our kiln dries up to 4500 BF within 6-8 weeks depending on species of wood and slab thickness.  We pride ourselves in providing clients with slabs and lumber with moisture content of 8% or less.  Many of our competitors will not take the time to dry the wood properly which oftentimes results in drying defects such as cupping, cracking and warping which can make the wood worthless.

Log Forklift

The Forklift

The heart of our operation is our Moffett forklift.  It is rated to lift up to 8000 lbs and works hard to freight the logs to and from the mill. The Moffett is an all-terrain forklift which allows us to easily access our log storage and transport the finished cuts to our kiln.  Our forklift will be able to handle all of your custom milling orders as we have yet to see a log that it was not able to handle.

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