Live Edge Wood Slabs and Lumber

At we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a wide selection of live edge wood slabs, rounds and lumber in all shapes and sizes. Our wood slabs are all furniture grade and end up as premium furniture pieces including custom live edge tables, countertops, benches, mantles etc. We do all milling and drying on-site thereby eliminating additional costs which are usually passed on to the customer. On average, our prices are between 30-40% lower than our Greater Toronto Area competitors. We rely on a wide range of suppliers to get our hands on premium timber which we turn into unique live edge wood slabs and lumber. We focus our efforts on salvaging a wide array of wood species including: All Maples, Ash, Walnut, Locust, Hickory, Apple, Oak, Elm etc. We have a wide selection of species and stock a minimum of 250 wood slabs. Please come see us before overpaying in Toronto. If you have large diameter trees that you would like to sell to us, please contact us via our contact form. If you have logs you would like us to mill into lumber, we also do custom milling. Please see our Pricing and Services page for custom milling prices and information. Come see us today for your next custom live edge table, bench, countertop or mantle… you won’t be disappointed!

We maintain a stock of at least 250 live edge wood slabs at all times.

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